Stanley Samuelsen

Stanley Samuelsen

Stanley Samuelsen, born 1951 in Fuglafjørður, Faroe Islands, is a composer, guitarist, singer/songwriter.

He was given a guitar from Iceland at the tender age af 11, tought himself to play by listening to the Faroese radio, then Útvarp Føroya, now Kringvarp Føroyra, and vinyl records.

Stanley was the guitarist the beat band, Silly Boys from 1964 untill 1970 in the Faroes.

Moved to Denmark i 1970, where he played with a string of bands by the likes of ”political rockband” “40 i Feber” and “Den Udødelige Duo”.

Stanley also worked and recorded with the likes of Nis P. Jørgensen, Gert Smedegaard, Knut Henriksen, Stuart Goodstein, Stig Kreutzfeldt, Bjørn Afzelius, Stig Møller, Troels Trier, Tamra Rosanes, Anders Roland, Peter Abrahamsen, Per Wium, Dickie Lee Erwin, Doriakvartetten, Stine Michel, Perry Stenbäck and a long list of nordic musicians.

Stanley, with the band ”Den udødelige Duo” received the ”Dansk LO’s Kulturpris” award in 1992, and in 2008 Stanley the new prestigous Faroese award, “Mediehusets Kunstpris”.

In 1986 Stanley began to write his own music to old Faroese poems in 1986.  He has, since 1990, tured all of the Nordic and Baltic countries, eighter as a solo act, singing and playing acoustic guitar, or with a band.

Stanley Samuelsen has released four albums with his own music, the 1st one in 1999, then in 2005, 2008 and in 2011.

The release of the song ”Um eg kundi kvøðið”, a poem by Janus Djurhuus with music by Stanley Samuelsen is a popular radio hit these days in the Faroe Islands.

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