Dania O. Tausen

Dania is a young Faroese singer, songwriter and poet who loves to express herself in her mother tongue, Faroese.

The first single Dania released with her own name was in April 2020 and was a way for her to start anew. Working with her 20 year old cousin Benjamin D. Djurhuus at his home studio, they created their own sound for a whole album. Dania found her own new way of interpreting her world with a new songwriting style by turning down her strong vocals to a relaxing level with the main focus on her lyrics.

“alt annað enn vanligt”, “kólnað kaffi” and “eygnaregn” were released in 2020 with music videos and the response was very positive.

In 2021, Dania finally released her album ‘gonguteigatúnatos’: https://backl.ink/146419329

Dania has sung and written ever since she was a child, but it was not until she was in college that she started sharing her voice and songwriting outside of church. She started experimenting with jazz after singing with Tórshavnar Big Band and other local bands.

Apart from her soloproject, Dania is working with Reality Bytes (gospel), æðrasoppar (alternative hip hop) and SWAY (jazz trio). Dania has also featured and sung backing vocals with VSJ, FRUM, Páll Finnur Páll, BARTH., Funksjon, Konni Kass, Marianna Winter and more.

For more info, products, SoMe: https://linktr.ee/daniaotausen

Dania O. Tausen - Compositions Worklist

gonguteigatúnatosDania O. Tausen2021Tutl RecordsHJF551
æðrasopparæðrasoppar2020Tutl RecordsHJF545
Reality BytesReality Bytes2019Tutl RecordsHJF541
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