Guðrið Hansdóttir

Guðrið Hansdóttir

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Way out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland and Scotland, is a cluster of 18 small islands called the Faroe Islands. That’s where Gudrid Hansdóttir was born and raised. Her music is a Lilith Fair-worthy blend of chamber pop and perky folk-rock and the past years she´s been performing in Europe and USA.

Gudrid started singing at an early age and shared a high interest in Music. She loved going through her fathers vinyl records and she discovered great artists like Kate Bush, Dolly Parton, Jethro Tull and Jimi Hendrix. Her father was a highly skilled guitar player on the Faroes and on Gudrid´s 14 year old birthday he taught her a couple of guitar chords and she started writing songs of her own.

In 2007 Gudrid finally released her debut album Love is Dead, which featured old and new songs. It was well received by critics and the same year she won the award “Best Female Artist” at the Planet Awards (Faroese Music Awards). After her first album Gudrid performed in Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Germany with great success.

Her self-released second album, The Sky Is Opening (released in 2009), quickly became the bestselling album on the Faroe Islands and was awarded the Faroese Planet Awards ”Album of the Year”.

Her new album ”Beyond the Grey” was released on the 3rd of June 2011.The new album is filled with catchy folk songs with great inspiration from the Faroese culture and the distinctive Faroese weather. Gudrid sings in both Faroese and English and often the two languages are mixed together in the same song. The album is released by German label Beste!Unterhaltung all over Europe and has been very well received by critics. After the release of the album Gudrid moved to Reykjavik, Iceland to take singing lessons and to further her musical career. There she founded the band BYRTA with Janus Rasmussen and they released their first album in 2013. 

Gudrid released her latest album “Painted Fire” in 2016 and is now living on the Faroe Islands and is working on her upcoming album which will be released in 2021

Guðrið Hansdóttir - Compositions Worklist

Painted FireGuðrið Hansdóttir2016TUTL HJF 470Tutl Records
Tvívils døturKata2016TUTL SHD 163Tutl Records
Taking ShipGuðrið Hansdóttir2014TUTL HJF 340Beste! Unterhaltung
ByrtaByrta2013TUTL HJF 330Tutl Records
Beyond the GreyGuðrið Hansdóttir2011TUTL HJF 230Tutl Records
The Sky Is OpeningGuðrið Hansdóttir2010TUTL HJF 240Tutl Records
Love Is DeadGuðrið Hansdóttir2007TUTL HJF 170Tutl Records
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