Heini Corfitz

Heini Corfitz

Copenhagen, Denmark

My journey started on a chain of small islands, up in the North Atlantic ocean.

I was born in the town Tórshavn, in the country of the Faroe Islands.  Growing up in a family with lovely parents and two great older brothers, who never were shy to include me in the wonderful universe of music, it didn’t take long, until music became a huge part of my life. I would listen to everything from 70’s rock to 90’s pop, to local folk music.

I spent a huge part of my childhood singing alot, which naturally led me to the guitar, and spent alot of time reading books and getting an interest for this mystical world of ours, which became a huge interest to me.

Thanks to alot of practise and some unconventional teaching, I started writing songs very early. I played concerts nearly every weekend, and released my first album at the age of 15.

Later on I joined the band; The Dreams, whom I moved to Denmark with, at the age of 17. We had very sudden succes, played extremely many concerts, toured Germany, and eventually sold thousands of albums, which was released in over 30 countries.

But while all of this was going on, I still worked on my own stuff, always having in mind, that one day I would start my own career, through my own songs.  Having played alot in Denmark, I started playing my own songs accousticly, in bars, small venues etc. , and before I knew it, an offer came along which I couldn’t resist.

I was given the chance to be the owner of my own record company, while having my own professional studio to work in, anytime I wanted.  I have now been working hard and intense , for a while, to complete my own dream, writing songs, and getting my first solo album, as good as I can get it. But his dream is only meant to kickstart my journey, where a whole lot of roads hopefully will open.

This journey, I want to share with all of you, and I hope I can get, at least some of you, to join the ride.

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