Jóan Jakku Guttesen

Jóan Jakku Guttesen

Sørvágur, Faroe Islands

Jóan Jakku Guttesen, born in Sørvágur, is a Faroese composer, singer and songwriter who also playes the bass and acoustic guitar.

He is best known today for his very own trademark sound, coined “vágasound”, the sound from Vágoy, the Island from which he hails.

In the 80’s Jóan Jakku was one of the members and songwriters for the band, Tinganest, along with Magus á Stongum, well know in the Faroe Islands for a string of radio hits.

As a recording artist he exclusively plays his own original music, and music by other band members.

He is currently active with his solo project, with which he released the popular album, “Jakkin” in 1999, as well as with the band, Vágaverk, along with singer and guitarist, Sámal Ravnsfjall.

Vágaverk released their 1st album in 2002 and their most resent one in 2014.

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