Rasmus Rasmussen

Rasmus Rasmussen

Rasmus Rasmussen (1980 – 2012) 

Rasmus Rasmussen (born the 14th of Juli 1980, dead 10th of October 2012) was a Faroese musician, guitar player, singer and songwriter from Tórshavn, The Faroe Islands.
Rasmus was a very active musician. He made it for the first time to the finals in the Faroese music competition Prix Føroyar in 1999 with the band Diatribes.
Later he played lead guitar in the band Makrel where he filled the role as one of the main songwriters.

Makrel made it to the finals in the Icelandic music competition Músiktilraunir in 2002 as well as to the finals in Prix Føroyar in 2003.
In 2005 Makrel performed at the Atlantic Music Event, where Rasmus won the honer of being “the guitar player of the year”.

Rasmus began his solo carer in 2002 with his album “Implosive”, but put it on hold while playing with the band Makrel. When Makrel split up in 2007 he resumed his solo carer.

He has released six solo albums:
1. Implosive (TUTL, 2002)
2. Edelweiss (TUTL, 2007)
3. Poems in sound (TUTL, 2008)
4. Blágrøna ljósmyrkrið (TUTL, 2009)
5. Gloymda Palettin (Myrkar Records, 2011)
6. Dreymurin nærhendis havinum (Myrkar Records, 2011)
7. Náttúran sigrar (Myrkar Records, 2012)

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