Greta Svabo Bech

Greta is a Faroese Singer-Songwriter and musician. Born in Tórshavn, she grew up in Portugal, Singapore and the UK before moving back to the Faroe Islands in 2013 to build a studio in the Faroe Islands, where she is currently living and making music. 

She first became known for her work with Deadmau5, when “Raise Your Weapon” was nominated for ‘Best Dance Record’ at the Grammy Awards in 2011 and entered the Billboard Hot 100.

Subsequent releases with other electronic artists include The Bloody Beetroots on albums “Hide” and “The Great Electronic Swindle” (2017). 

Greta displays a unique reach across all genres and arenas. In the classical world, collaborating with Ludovico Einaudi on “Circles” (Decca), perfectly showcasing her chameleon colours. Since its release, the song has been streamed over 15 million times.

As an artist Greta shows a diversity that has to date collectively seen her exceed 150 million streams. In 2013, her song “My Love” was recorded and released by the Hollywood star Cher on her 2013 album “Closer to the Truth” (Warner). 

Locally she has collaborated and performed with musicians and artists such as: Orka, Sakaris, Eivør, Teitur, Tjant, Heiðrik and Hans Andrias. In 2014 she worked with the public Faroese radio station KVF on a Christmas calendar, releasing three songs which she also co-produced.

From 2014-2019 she performed with the vocal acapella group, Kata, with whom she recorded and released the album “Tívilsdóttir”, some of which she arranged. Aside from performing, the group also organised workshops in the Faroe Islands and the UK.

Greta played a role organising Girls Rock camps in the Faroe Islands (“Gentur Rokka”), a movement and  music camp for girls between 14-19 years of age, and women over 20. 

In 2019 she self-released an EP which she co-produced, along with her own infrared photography. Greta’s 2020 releases are framed in a classic singer song writer space, with forward thinking production firmly placing her in the new decade, and she continues to collaborate with songwriters and producers across the globe.

Greta Svabo Bech - Compositions Worklist

BonesGreta Svabo Bech2019ffm.toGreta Svabo Bech
InvisibleThe Bloody Beetroots ft Greta Svabo Gang Records / Eone Music
The Great RunThe Bloody Beetroots ft Greta Svabo Gang Records / Eone Music
CirclesGreta Svabo
Brave MoonGreta Svabo Svabo Bech
Broken BonesGreta Svabo Svabo Bech
Shut Up & Sing Reloaded (EP)Greta Svabo Svabo Bech
Chronicles of a Fallen LoveThe Bloody Beetroots ft Greta Svabo Records

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