Kári Jacobsen

Kári Jacobsen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kári Jacobsen, born in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, is a Faroese songwriter, composer and producer based in Copenhagen where he makes music for commercial projects.

He is best know in the Faroe Islands for the pop album “Nalja” released in the late 80’s with Elin og Kári (Elin Brimhaiem Heinesen).  This was the first real 80’s pop album to be released in the Faores and was a big hit with a wide audience.  The song “Á Tann Deiliga Havn” soon became a an anthem for the national holliday, Ólavssøka, and is heard on the radio many times daily during that time of the year.

Kári started out as a seltought musician/songwriter and later studied music at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

Title Instrument Year Duration Publisher Recording
NALJA   1988   Indie / Tutl Records Studio Album / Elin & Kári
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