Lív í Baianstovu

Lív í Baianstovu

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Lív í Baianstovu, born in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, is a songwriter and has been composing her own music since the late 70’s.

She started out as a selftought musician, studied guitar with Jógvan Telling Joensen, and studied music at Musikhøgskolan Ingesund, Arvika, Sweden 2003-05.

Her album, “Atlantic Light” on Tutl Records, is a collaboration between Faroese singer/songwriter Lív í Baianstovu and Swedish musicians, with Faroese lyrics and music ranging over a variety of styles.  The rhythm of feet dancing traditional Faroese chain dance forms the core of this recording; the beat comes and goes between the songs, like the waves and light around the Faroe Islands.  Roy Frisk (keyboard, synth.), Sam Bäckström (cello), Oddbjörn Bjerknes (trumpet), Seppo Toivanen (accordion, el. g), Lív í Baianstovu (song, ac. g, voc.).

Lív’s most recent album “Tá ið Onki Myrkir Fyri” was released in 2013.  This is a collection of her own songs delivered in an acoustic setting with hard hitting lyrics, in both Faroese and English, of a personal nature dealing with lifes challenges in modern day humanity.

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