Benjamin Petersen

Benjamin Petersen

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Benjamin was born in 1988 in the Faroe Islands, 18 islands placed in the Atlantic Ocean.

He started playing the violin at the age of 4 and at the tender age of 6 he started playing the guitar and a few years later he discovered Rock ‘N’ Roll and since then he has never turned back.

When you listen to Benjamin’s music, it is like being taken to a place you didn’t know existed. At the same time, it’s like you have always been there. Home.

Benjamin’s music is very complete, as Benjamin is a complete artist. He has already written, recorded, performed, released and produced several records and is at this early stage already an established member of the musical elite on the Faroe Islands.

In December 2011 Benjamin released the album “Ghost With Skin”. An alternative rock album, heavily influenced by the raw nature of the Faroe Islands and his time spent living with the Ache indians in Paraguay.  The music is described as voodoo pop and Benjamin’s mesmerizing guitar sound along with his characteristic voice creates a beautiful melancholic soundscape.

The album received a lot of attention in Germany, Rolling Stones magazine even praised the album.

In 2014 Benjamin released the split record “Ave” as a collaboration with fellow faroese musician Petur Pólson.

The music on Ave is inspired by the old music traditions on the Faroe Islands and all the singing is in Faroese.

The folky and earthy sounds of Ave have really gotten a hold of the people in the Faroe Islands.

At the Faroese Music Awards 2015, Ave received no less than 4 awards.

  • Best new artist of the year
  • Pop/Rock act of the year
  • “Øskuhav” won lyric of the year
  • and Benjamin won singer of the year.


Title Instrument Year Duration Publisher Recording
AVE   2014   Tutl Records Studio Album
Ghost With Skin   2011   Tutl Records Studio Album
Benjamin   2008   Tutl Records Studio Album
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