Flóvin Viderø

Flóvin Viderø

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Flóvin Viderø, born in Tórshavn on May 12th 1981, is a singer/songwriter playing acoustic guitar.

Flóvin possesses a lavish velvety voice and he is best known as one of the songwriters in the faroese band, DejaVu, who released one of the most critically acclaimed faroese rock album, “A Place To Stand On”, in 2005 on Tutl Reconds.

DejaVu was one of the most popular live band in the Faroe Islands in beginning of this century. Flóvin is currently performing as a solo artist playing his new songs as well as some of the hits from Deja Vu.

In 2014 Flóvin released the song “What Have We Learned So Far” as a single under the name, “Flowin” on Tutl Reconds.

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