Ingun Simonsen

Ingun Simonsen

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Ingun Simonsen, born in Tórshavn, is a Faroese singer, songwriter and composer.

She is best known for the title track on her first album release in 1984, “Áh, um eg kundi” as well as her second album, “Eg vil liva”, released in 1987.  Both albums got a great deal on air-play on Faroese Radio.

In later years Ingun Simonsen has composed music for childrens albums.

Most recently she has composed one song for the debut album of Jan Petersen released in February 2014.

Title Instrument Year Duration Publisher Recording
Eg Vil Liva   1987     Studio Album
Áh, um eg kundi   1984     Studio Album
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