Angelika Nielsen

Angelika Nielsen

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Angelika Nielsen, born in Vestmanna 1983, started playing the violin at the age of only 3 and is the Faroe Islands’ number one traditional fiddle player.

With deep roots in the musical tradition of her home country, Angelika also feels at home in jazz and classical music. After growing up in a musical family, she studied music in Reykjavik and Copenhagen.

Angelika Nielsen has premiered several new compositions by Faroese composers as a classical soloist. She is also a regular member of the Faroese Symphony Orchestra as well as the Faroese modern ensemble, Aldubáran

She also tours world-wide with her own band, “KVONN” (“Angelika” in the faroese language), the Faroese Symphony Orchestra, Yggdrasil, Aldubaran, Norðan, and also as a solo artist. She has toured all the Scandinavian countries, the USA, Australia, Japan, Greenland, Germany and Hungary.

Her album “KVONN”, which bares the name of the band, and was released on Tutl Records in 2007, is with a lively group of Faroese musicians, who play traditional and contemporary folk music from around Scandinavia.  Kvonn ‘s repertoire includes music composed by the band members, as well as traditional tunes and tunes from the 18th century notebook of Faroese musician and scholar Jens Chr. Svabo. Since their early teens, both Angelika Nielsen and their bass player, Mikael Blak, have regularly performed with Spælimenninir too, and for the last few years KVONN has existed as a group on its own.  Kvonn appears in two versions: full band, including all five musicians, as well as smaller version, without bass player Mikael Blak.

Angelika has a duo with Thomas Loefke, kalled “NORÐAN”, which released a new album entitled,  “North Atlantic Soundscapes” in the summer of 2014.

Angelika has also composed half of the tunes of the album, “Dímun”, released August 5th 2014, with the band,  Yggdrasil, lead by legendary Kristian Blak.

Title Instrument Year Duration Publisher Recording
Brass Quintet in Three Parts brassq 2016 11:30 Manus.  
Chromatica pno 2015 27:00 Manus.  
NORÐAN   2014   Tutl Records North Atlantic Soundscapes/Studio
YGGDRASIL   2014   Tutl Records Dímun/Studio
KVONN   2007   Tutl Records Kvonn/Studio
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