Anna Iachino

Anna Iachino

Sandur, Faroe Islands

Anna Iachino ia an Italian lyricist/vocalist and poet, born on January 22nd, 1961. in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Her strength is in her animated storytelling,  she sings and raps and performs spoken word, over the suberb bass playing and well crafted compositions of husband, Faroese bass virtuoso, Arnold Ludvig, winner of the 2005 Atlantic Music Event’s, Best Bass player Award.

Together they lead the band, MonkeyRat and deliver an original and powerful expression, rooted in Funk, with a little Reggae, Retro, Urban, Soul and hints of Jazz and Punk.

MonkeyRat’s stellar line-up includes award winning guitarist, Alain Apaloo (Tg), Jens Stoklund (Dk) on drums and special guest singers:  roWan aka Róin Siggertsson (Fo), Jasmin Malaika Gledorf (US/Dk).

“Fuck The Jante Law”, MonkeyRat’s debut album had much success in 2010 and has become a cult hit in the Faroes Islands.

The debut album released four singles in 2010, with the following three # 1 hits in the Faroes:        “Fuck The Jante Law”, “Sex in Wonderful Copenhagen”, “Pastel Shades” feat. roWan, and “What A Day”  a #3 hit, on “15 tær Bestu”, on Kringvarp Føroya radio station.

 In 2010 & 2011, MonkeyRat enjoyed success on the Danish charts as well, with three number   # 1 hits on CB Føroya:  their beautiful ballad,“Pastel Shades” feat. roWan, an urban soul track, “A Heart” feat. Deborah  and a great rock number,”Money Takes Flight”.

In 2011, ChartBase selected MonkeyRat as Best Faorese Artist for 2011, on CB Føroya Hitlist.

MonkeyRat’s other hits include, once again:

Money Takes Flight at #3, this time on the CB RockChart Dk, a Punk meets Jazz protest Rap number, Fuck The Jante Law at #6 on CB RockChart DK, Pastel Shades crosses over to #3 on     CB Urbanized Dk, funky rap track, What A Day at # 11 on the Alternative chart, The Rapid A Dk, and a swinging 60’s funky retro number, Sex in Wonderful Copenhagen at #50 on Denmark Hit-100.

In 2010.  Radio host, Dan Berhman on Espace Musique, Radio-Canada, CBFX-FM 100.7 FM played “Pastel Shades” feat. roWan and “A Heart” feat. Deborah on his beloved radio show.

On July 21st, 2012, MonkeyRat released their 2nd album, SUNSHINE, on Tutl Records and gave a great release concert performance at G! Festival, in Gøta, Faroe Islands.   This album is a bright & funky, feel good album, rendering the listener uplifted and wanting more.

Four singles and hits were subseqently released in the Faroe Islands.  The ballad and title track, “Sunshine”, their 1st reggae song, “Amsterdam” ft. Jasmin & roWan, “Can U Feel Da Funk” and “Chez MonkeyRat” feat. Ludvig aired on the Faroese radio stations, Kringvarp Forøya & Rás2.

The DK Release Party for the SUNSHINE album was a great success on Thursday, September 6th at Mojo Blues Bar.

dj FatBoy Slim sampled and played MonkeyRat’s, Sex in Wonderful Copenhagen at his show, Tap 1, on September 8th, 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

MonkeyRat Duo performed their 1st single, “Sunshine”, live on DR P1 Kultursøndag, interviewed by host Claus Vittus, and received airplay with their reggae number, “Amsterdam” feat. Jasmin & roWan.

On October 2012, Gene Tyler Kieron, music writer for Mojo, Billboard, and The Arts Desk magazines UK, who enjoyed MonkeyRat’s performance at G! Festival, wrote a great review on Sunshine, MonkeyRat’s new cd and ChartBase DK wrote a stunning review on Amsterdam feat. Jasmin & roWan, peaking at #35, on ChartBase Top-100.

Radio Voce Spazio, in San Michele, Alessandria, Italy played Sunshine and Amsterdam feat. Jasmin & roWan in November 2012, on Un Mondo Di Musica radio, with host, Massimo Ferro.

December 2012 was a bright month with Sunshine receiving 4 stars for MonkeyRat’s 2nd cd from ChartBase Denmark, followed by airplay in California, USA, on Sin Audio Radio with,           A Heart feat. Deborah, from MonkeyRat’s debut album and Fuck The Jante Law was played on Filigranes à CKRL, cultive tes goûts 89.1 in Quebec, Canada.

Can U Feel Da Funk peaked at #44 in March/April 2013 on ChartBase Top-100 DK, and their funkiest number, Chez MonkeyRat feat.Ludvig received a two thumbs up review delighting and gaining new fans with their music video on Youtube.

Anna Iachino Songwriter Worklist:

TitleInstumentYearDuration (min)PublisherRecording
Good Morning Reykjavík
2020Tutl RecordsHJF524
U Gotta Love Being U
2020Tutl RecordsHJF524
Get Into The Light2018Tutl RecordsHJF524
Quick To Fix

2016Tutl RecordsHJF421
MonkeyRat & The Hentze Horns2016Tutl RecordsHJF404
Sunshine2012Tutl RecordsHJF274
Fuck The Jante Law2010Tutl RecordsHJF204

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