Hans Marius Weihe Ziska

Hans Marius Weihe Ziska

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Hans Marius Weihe Ziska, originally from Søldarfjørður, Faroe Islands, has ventured into different parts of the rock genre, but with his new setup he relies on a more acoustic and intimate approach. The concept of experimenting with different combinations of acoustic instruments, gives Marius Ziska an exiting platform, where his songwriting truly flourishes, also bringing new nuances to his vocals.

The new album – Recreation – was made following a trail of critically acclaimed live performances in Europe and America. The album was shaped at Stökumörk Studios in colaboration with Jens L. Thomsen and the result is a different and heavier take on the live songs. Bombastic and theatrical.

The album reviews for Recreation have been overwhelmingly great so far.

The band line-up is:  Marius Ziska – vocals & guitars, Heðin Ziska Davidsen – guitars & vocals, Allan Tausen – guitars & vocals and Brandur Jacobsen – drums & vocals


Title Instrument Year Duration Publisher Recording
Recreation   2013     Studio Album
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