Páll Sólstein

Páll Sólstein

 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Páll Sólstein, born in Klaksvík, ia a Faroese horn player and composer.

He studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, where he finished his music diploma exam in 1991.

Since graduating, he has played in the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Odense and Sønderjylland Symphony Orchestras.

He is currently a member of the Royal Danish Orchestra in Copenhagen and the Faroese ensamble, Aldubáran, in which he also is a member of the board.

He is active composing as well and has set music to Faroese poems by a.m.o. William Heinesen, Christian Matras and H.A. Djurhuus.

The CD Glóð featuring soloists Karl Martin Samuelsen,  Anna Maria Olsen and Aldubáran, was released on the Tutl label november 2006.  The music is composed and arranged by Páll Sólstein.


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