Knút Háberg Eysturstein

Knút Háberg Eysturstein is a songwriter, composer, musician, musicologist, educator and DJ. He has composed, performed and released music since the turn of the millennium. In addition to his solo work, Knút has collaborated on several albums as (co)writer, (co)producer, (co)arranger and performer.

Through the years Knút has toured and recorded with bands and artists such as Gestir, Marius, Petur Pólson, AVE, Tuxedo Rebels, Konni Kass, Svartmálm and Hogni. Knút has previously released three albums on Tutl (Havsglóð 2004, The Desert Holds A Flower 2009, On High 2013) and his fourth solo album is underway. Knút also works with sound art and electronic manipulation under the pseudonym kn0t.

Knút composition Worklist:

2021 Knút: ‘Villiniborg’ (single)

2018 Svartmálm: Svartmálm (Tutl)

2016 Konni Kass: Haphe (Tutl), co-writer on ‘Run’

2014 Tuxedo Rebels: Sometimes The World Is Dark (Tutl)

2013 Knút: On High (Tutl)

2009 Knút: The Desert Holds A Flower (Tutl)

2009 Petur Pólson: Tokyó (Tutl), co-writer on ‘Gjóstur’

2005 Petur Pólson: Koma (Tutl), co-writer on ‘Úr dýpinum’, ‘Hválv’ & ‘Ekkó’

2004 Knút: Havsglóð (Tutl)

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