Kim Kristensen

Kim Kristensen

Kim Kristensen is from Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

Composition, piano, synthesiezer, flute.

Kim Kristensen’s latest album, ALDA MAGNA with Bjarki Meitil: bass, vocal effects, Rogvi a Rogvu: drums, percussion, vocal effects, smartphone, Leivur Thomsen: electric and acoustic guitars, Kim Kristensen: piano, synthezisers, c-flute-bassflutes, eletronic effects, and guests: Anna Maria Olsen: vocals on “chanchings winds”, Unn Paturson & Eyd Lin Paturson a Rogvu: vocals on “smaa men mange” was released on Tutl Records in 2013.

He has lived in the Faroe Islands since 2009 where he teaches at Tórshavnar Musikkskúli.

Kim Kristensen has composed music in a wide genre spectrum: different jazz formations from small groups to big bands, classical ensembles from chamber music to symphony orchestra, film, theatre, performance-theater, and art exhibitions. He is also specialized in electronic music.

He taught at the “Rytmical Conservatory” of Copenhagen, and he recieved in 1994 a prize of honour from the danish composer society, DJBFA. Kim was also in ’94 nominated for a Danish Grammy for the CD, “Ildvæverne”. He has several times recieved grants from the Art Foundation of the Danish State and from other foundations. During the 80´s he worked with “Ocean Fables” including Klavs Hovman (bass), Marilyn Mazur (perc.), Jens Winther (trumpet), Bjarne Roupe (guitar). In 1990 he formed “Ildvæverne”, playing lyrical scandinavian jazz. In the beginning of 1998 he formed “SOUK”, a trio with Birgit Lökke Larsen on percussion and Thomas Agergaard on saxophone and flute.

Kim Kristensen Has been a sideman in various projects: Michael Mantlers different bands in the past 5 years, in Frederik Lundin’s/Trine Lise Væring’s “People Places Times and Faces” and many others. As a musician he has played on a number of releases: the 1995 album, Michael Mantler, ”Cerco un paese innocente”, with the Danish Radio Big Band + Chamber Ensemble + vocalist, Mona Larsen on ECM Records; the 1997 album, Michael Mantler “Scool of understanding” with vocalists, Jack Bruce, Mona Larsen, Susie Hyldgaard, Per Jørgensen, Don Preston, Karen Mantler, John Greaves, Robert Wyatt. Musicians: Michael Mantler, Roger Jannotta, Bjarne Roupé, Marianne Sørensen, Mette Brandt, Mette Winther, Helle Sørensen, Tineke Nord hoeg, Kim Kristensen, Don Preston on ECM Records.

Kim Kristensen was also responsible for the music on the 1998 film by Lars von Trier, “The Idiots” by ZENTROPA FILM, Ole Gulløv/Halfdan Rasmussen: Natsange.

Title Instrument Year Duration Publisher Recording
Pulse of Time electronics, gtr, perc, voice 1998   Dacapo Records Kim Kristensen m. fl. (studio)
SOUK electronics, fl, perc, saxophone 1998     Kim Kristensen m. fl. (studio)
Erindringens Br�nd electronics, perc, saxophone, voice 1996   Dacapo Records, DCCD 9425 Kim Kristensen, Mona Larsen, Fredrik Lundin (studio)
Ildv�verne elbas, cor, drumset, pno 1993   STCD4193 Kim Kristensen m. fl. (studio)
Nomads of Tomorrow electronics, fl, perc, trp 1993   Olufsen Records, DOCD 5179 Kim Kristensen, Jens Winther (studio)
Havblik   1992   Olufsen Records, DOCD 5140 (CD) Ocean Fables (studio)
Aner elbas, electronics, fl, perc, drumset, pno, voice 1990 45:54 Olufsen Records ?? DOC 5103 Kim Kristensen m. fl. (studio)
Ocean Fables   1986   Stunt Records, STULP 8601 Ocean Fables (studio)
Other Species   0   Kiminet, kkcd 9701 Kim Kristensen m. fl. (studio)
57 Inpredictable Pianoepisodes, vol. 2 pno 0     Kim Kristensen (studio)
57 Inpredictable Pianoepisodes, vol. 1 pno 0     Kim Kristensen (studio)
White Lies, Black Truths & Pink Wishes electronics, fl, perc, drumset, pno, voice 0 1:08:05   Kim Kristensen m. fl. (studio)
Gader cl, elbas, electronics, gtr, fl, perc, drumset, cb, pno, voice 0     Kim Kristensen m. fl. (studio)
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