Petur Mohr Reinert

Petur Mohr Reinert

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Petur Mohr Reinert is well known in the Faroe Islands as the bass player and band leader in the Faroese rock band, Devon, which was active in the 80’s and 90’s.  Devon released the albums, ”Náttarlív” in 1985 and ”Umsíðir” in 1989, both as LPs.  Both were released as CDs in 1992.  Petur Mohr Reinert was one of the founders of FUT (Føroya Undirhaldstónleikarafelag) which organized the first annual outdoor music festival in the Faroes in the late 80’s, named Ólavsøkufestivalurin, later named, Ólavsøkukonsertin.

Petur Mohr Reinert’s latest release, “Um Eg Hevði” with the duo, “Feðgar” (Father & Son) is with his son, Philip Reinert Ovenberg, who at the age of only 16 moved to Denmark to go to music school, and later to London, where he studied sound engineering at SAE for a year.  Philip also works with the techno duo, Von Ros, which he formed with his Spanish friend, Miguel Plenza.

Feðgar – ”Um Eg Hevði” which was released on Tutl Records in 2013, is a melodic guitar popprock album with emphasis on the vocals.  Philip and Petur both, interchangingly, play guitar, bass and drums on the album.  Philip sings and also plays some keyboards.  They have chosen a simple soundscape for this album to create a very “live-like” atmosphere with a similar instrumentation thoughout on the album.

Title Instrument Year Duration Publisher Recording
Feðgar – Um Eg Hevði   2013   Tutl Records Studio Album
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