Mikael Blak

Mikael Blak

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Mikael Blak, born in Tórshavn 1979, is a faroese musician, composer and producer.   Mikael plays electric and upright basses as well as a number of other instruments.

He is the bass player in the Faroese punk band, 200, and has over the years toured the world with artists like EivørTeitur and his father, Kristian Blak’s legendary band Yggdrasil.

Mikael Blak is the producer of the album “Á fold eru túsund gudar” by well known faroese folk singer Hanus G. Johansen.

He composed the music for the award winning shortfilms “Vetrarmorgun” and “Summarnátt” by Faroese filmmaker Sakaris Stórá.

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