Rógvi á Rógvu

Rógvi á Rógvu

Rógvi á Rógvu, born in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands is best known in the Faroes for being one of the greatest drummers ever to grace the Islands.

He is currently a boardmember of Havnar Jazzfelag (Tórshavn Jazz Assisiation) and is very active on the Faroese music scene, both in jazz and other genres.

Rógvi á Rógvu is the drummer on Terji & Førstufressar’s first album, released in 1990, which was named “The Album Of The Millenium” in the Faroes a decade later.  Terji & Førstufressar released the second album, “Tvey”, in 2010.  “Tvey” won the Planet Award for Best Album 2010.

In 2000 he co-wrote and released “Gloymska Við Grape” with long time partner and singer, Unn Paturson.  This album is an artistic pop album with various flavours, such as R&B, Funk and Rock, and is difficult to put in a box of genres.  It has been very well received by the Faroese public.

Rógvi and Unn released the album “RUN” in 2003.  This is another artistic album with the twosome as co-writers, and is best categorized as a nordic jazz album.

In 2005 he won the AME Award for “Best Drummer” with the blues band GoGo Blues, in which he played drums along with bass player, Arnold Ludvig, who won for “Best Bass Player” and lead singer and guitarist, Uni Debess, who was the main songwriter in the band.  GoGo Blues also won the award for “Best Band” that year.

RUN2003Tutl RecordsStudio Album
Gloymska Við Grape2000Run RecordsStudio Album
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