Edvard Nyholm Debess


It really started with pianolessons as 12 years old.
Both parents and siblings were musicians in brass- and swingbands, as well as choirsingers, so his home was full of music and singing.
Later, as a young faroese musician, Edvard participated on electric bass on the vivid local rockscene in the late 70’ties, – both as a bandmember and freelance.
Born into a family of musical people he allready then had the flair for musical diversity.
In his early twenties he moved to Denmark to study music, and was a member in several bands through these year. This also was the period where the songwriting started.
Steadily the interest of jazzmusic increased, as well as the urge to play doublebass.
On top of this he still kept the interest of classical music he captured in his early years at the piano.
In Denmark he studied jazz- and classical bassplaying with Johan Poulsen, Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen and Jens Holm, ending up with at classical degree from Royal Academy of Music in Århus.
Combined with later studies with Marc Johnson, NY, and numerous lessons with people like Jens Jefsen, Anders Jormin, Larry Grenadier a.o. this formed the foundation of Edvards sound and playing.
Today Edvard Nyholm Debess is a sought-after bassplayer, both in the scandinavian countries and in Faroe Islands, where he maintains his role as a leading character.
He is a bandmember in several bands (link) and a busy freelancer for recordings and concerts in all genres, radio- & TV shows.
As a composer Edvard started out with a brassquintet (Glottin 1991), followed by a stringquintet (Summarregn) the year after. After a windquintet ( Heyst við Frostnátt 1992) he jumped right to concerto for guitar and orchestra (Lagnuár 1993).
Since then he has composed for various constellations, some of them rather untraditional and original.  Furthermore comes works for clarinet-, cello- & violinsolo.

String Quartet Istring2008   
Clip Ielectronics2007   
Treesvln, pno2004   
Citypicturesvln, vla, vlc, gtr, pno, fl, ob, cl, bsn, cor, trb, electronics2003   
Never trust wet Danish dynamitevln, cb, gtr, pno, ob, perc, saxophone2002   
Ups a la Musicvlc2001   
Variations for violin solovln1998   
Hankadrátturvln, vlc, gtr, pno, fl, cl, cor1998   
Ligth on the surfacevln, gtr, cl1995   
Báðumegin viðcl1995  Cantus Borealis / BIS CD1085
Lagnuársymfoni orchestra, gtr1994   
Heyst við Frostnáttwoodwind1992  Boreas / TUTL FKT6
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