Suni F. Jacobsen

Suni F. Jacobsen is born in the village of Norðagøta on the 15th of August 1930. In 1945 he moved to the capital Tórshavn, where he studied to be an office worker.

He studied to play the organ and played the organ in the communion chapel in Tórshavn in the 50ties and 60ties. His teacher for the organ was Tinna Mortensen from Famjin.

From 1972 Suni was the regular organ player at the communion chapel for over 30 years.

Suni has writen and composed several works, wich have been released in two books:

Løg til Missiónssangbókina” published by Kirkjuliga Heimamissiónin í Føroyum and Kirkjuliga Missiónsfelagið

“Um átta minuttir fer Másin avstað” published by Stiðin in 2018, ISBN: 978-99918-42-82-0

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