Símun Hammer

Símun Hammer (1964), has been an organist for many years. From 1989 -1997 he was organist at “Ishavskatedralen ” and the church in “Kroken ” in Tromsø, where he also conducted several choirs during that period. After returning to the Faroe Islands in 1997, he first was a part of the organist team in Glyvra kirkju, but from October 1998 he became the main organist at the Church of Gøta, where he has built up a rich musical environment.

As a church musician, he mainly has written and arranged music for his mixed choirs, intended for use in church services and concerts.

Smun Hammer – Classical Compositions Worklist
Sálmur 126 (Plsalm 126)SATBB19962:10Manus
Harra Guð títt dýra navn og æra (arr.)SSAATBB20173:20ManusUnofficial Youtube
Gloria (Part of a unfinished Mass)SSAATTBB20203:30Manus
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