Bjarni Haraldson Blaasvær

Bjarni Haraldson Blaasvær (B.H.B), born 1999 in Torshavn, is a young composer, currently studying in the Music-school of Torshavn, preparing for future studies abroad. Sunleif Rasmussen is Bjarni’s teacher as composer and mentor at the Tórshavn Music School.

Bjarni composes classical music in varying forms. Often in an attempt to better understand what makes good music “good” and to learn and create a style and technique to define his music with. His main passion being, to make music that compares to the old masters that inspired him and to make emotionally captivating music as an art.

Bjarni made his debut as a classical composer in Copenhagen with the performing of Folia in Dmoll, presented by a trio of the Royal Danish Conservatory students in 2021

String quartet No.1 movements 1-2 performed by Aldubáran in Hátun in 2020, which were the pieces used for his entrance exam. And again in 2021, now with its 3rd movement.

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