Pauli í Sandagerði

Pauli í Sandagerði

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Born in Tórshavn 1955, Pauli is a science teacher. His musical education was built up bit by bit, under various teachers. His earliest interest was in playing the piano, but with time, working with choirs and composing superseded this, and it is as a composer that he is best known.

He has written music of various types: folk songs, rock music, songs (lieder), choir music, sonatas, oratorios, music for the piano, chamber- and orchestral music in a modern (classical) form. His main interest however, is writing songs.

In recent years Pauli has been choir master for several very good choirs. One of these choirs, Cantabile (girls), is perhaps the busiest choir in the Faroe Islands. Cantabile has been very well received in many countries from Norway to Greece, and on tours the choir has worked with several famous opera singers and orchestras from many countries.

Pauli í Sandagerði has been one of the pioneers in Faroese musical composition.

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