In 2016, we celebrated the 25th festival with all the performing artists being either residents of the Faroe Islands or Faroese musicians living abroad. However, several of the participating ensembles also included musicians from other countries: Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England, Russia, Togo. It is a sign of the strenth of the Faroese musical scene that it is now quite possible to set up a programme of more than 150 concerts with predominantly local musicians performing mainly Faroese compositions at an international level, and we are also proud of the fact that Faroese musicians and composers are now an integrated part of an international musical network.

Over the years more than 1600 concerts have been presented and each year several new works are performed – over 500 compositions have had their world premieres at Summartónar, the majority of these written by Faroese Composers.

The  Summartónar 2019 skrá program is now finished and available for download. Click the pdf below to see it.