Agnar Lamhauge

Agnar Lamhauge is musician, music teacher and composer.
His compositions range from Classical compositions, melodic tunes for Jazz groups, arrangements and compositions based on traditional Faroese music and compositions written for pedagogical purposes. His music has among other been played by the ensemble Aldubáran and the choir Mpiri. He also has his own group with whom he performs his own music.

His main instrument is the double bass, but he also plays electric bass and other instruments. Agnar’s musical career started in Pop music in the 80ies. He has played as session musician with many of the Faroese musicians. In the early 90ies he got a job in a recording studio, and it was also around this time that he also became one of the founders of the Jazz-Folk group Enekk.

Agnar Lamhauge has since recorded purely improvised music with Bass player Øssur Johannesen. His musical studies started in Iceland, where he studied Jazz music. He went on to Carl Nielsen Conservatory in Denmark, where he studied classical double-bass with Mette Hanskov and composition with Anders Brødsgaard.

Agnar Lamhauge teaches music on a daily basis. He is principal bass of the Faroese symphony orchestra, has a jazzduo and regularly participates in different folk music settings. The list provided here are of his main classical  compositions. If you are interested in some composition or other collaboration, feel free to email.