The association was founded on the 14th of November 1987.
The purposes of the association are to nurture the interests of Faroese composers, to protect their rights and to actively seek to improve the composers' artistic and financial circumstances.


Spring Concert 2011

Spring Concert 2011 

Aldubáran will perform as a string quartet at this year´s spring concert at The Art Museum in Tórshavn Saturday 19th March at 4 pm 


Sámal Petersen and Øssur Bæk, violin 

Angelika Nielsen, viola 

Andreas Restorff, cello 


Kári Bæk (2008):                     String Quartet  no. 1 

Kristian Blak (2009):                Tístra for viola 

Tróndur Bogason (1998):          Duo for 2 violins  (world premiere) 

Haendel/Halvorsen:                  Passacaglia for violin and viola 

Atli K Petersen (f. 1962):          String Quartet  no. 2