The association was founded on the 14th of November 1987.
The purposes of the association are to nurture the interests of Faroese composers, to protect their rights and to actively seek to improve the composers' artistic and financial circumstances.


Spring concert 2009

Aldubaran's annual spring concert will take place on Saturday 14th March in Listaskálin, Tórshavn. This year the ensemble is represented by a string quartet.  

The musicians are: Sámal Petersen, 1st violin - Jón Festirstein, 2nd violin - Angelika Nielsen, viola - Tóri Restorff, cello. They will be performing string quartets by Kári Bæk (world premier), Atli Petersen (2008) and Kristian Blak (2008). Additionally, Angelika will perform a solo piece by Kristian Blak called 'Álvarann' and Jón and Sámal will perform a duo by Kári Bæk.