Eli Tausen á Lava

Eli Tausen á Lava, born in Tórshavn on the 3rd of March 1997, is a Faroese composer based in Tórshavn.

Born into a musical family, Eli Tausen á Lava quickly developed an interest in all kinds of music. At the age of 8, he started attending viola lessons at the Tórshavn Music School; and at the age of 14 he taught himself to play the piano, which he later attended lessons for as well.

Though his interests were originally more in the realm of popular music, he started developing an interest in classical music at the age of 15. He started composing soon after.

Today, at the age of 20, Eli Tausen á Lava studies composition at the Tórshavn Music School. His teacher and mentor is the renowned and award-winning Faroese composer Sunleif Rasmussen.

Title Instrument Year Duration Publisher Recording
Machina Mentalistrb, perc, pno201705:30Manus.
Neti Netirecorder201708:00Manus.
Freya SyngurSATB201709:00Manus.
Conversation for Piano & Percussionperc, pno201706:00Manus.
Defile Thyself!vln, cl, vla, vlc, fl, saxophone, pno, ob201704:00Manus.
Brass Quintet in Three Partsbrassq201611:30Manus.
5 Palindromesvln, cl, trb, vla, bsn, vlc, fl, cor, perc, pno, trp201632:00Manus.